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Mercedes Benz A Class Reviews


By Rohit Khurana

Price: 9,03,800


Best ride at best price ever: Mercedes A Class

Pros : Spacious luxurious ride at the best price ever

Cons : A bit boxy appearance and high maintenance cost of Mercedes vehicles

Stretching its present array of Indian cars, the world’s pioneer luxurious car manufacturer giving a straight head on fight to the competent rival BMW. Smarty mischievous hatchback shares a bit of the similarity with the BMW’s X1 series. I hope you would be wondering who I am so presenting myself; I am Rohit Khurana, a successful business from Jharkhand. I love luxury and when I get the chance to taste the best in class too in best price than my excitement reaches the apex level. I am a sports freak and driving at high speed is my passion.  Mercedes is enthralling me with their new Benz A class, I have been looking for a car for my wife and it’s the deal I finalized.

Talking about the Mercedes Benz A class, it’s a show stopper of the world stage where beauty together with performance rules the show and A class is one such name leaving a mark on the Indian industry for which it has been especially prepared. Expanding its grip to include the customers like me who never think of purchasing a car which sheds a huge amount but halving the price makes it a lucrative offer that every car lover would strive upon.

Mind boggling beauty, rugged musculature, world class luxury and all this in the price one can’t even think off. Its advent will surely shake the luxurious car market and will reduce the prospects of others to compete; Mercedes people are reframing rules and eradicating room for charging premium for luxury. And with the help of A class they are introducing fresh fight that will increase consumer welfare. Mercedes has plans to introduce 4 more cars; they have tightened their strap to grab the eyeballs of every car lover. German Auto giant’s moves are throwing light on their plans of redefining luxury especially in context of stringent Indian consumers.


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