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Mitsubishi Mirage Reviews


By Pranav Pareek

Price: 9,03,800


Mirage is personalizing and redefining beauty once again

Pros : Cute looks and beautifully designed luxurious interiors

Cons : Too much waiting time

Hello friends, it’s Pranav Pareek from Goa and really guys I am in a mood of party after a long time. I am in a state of exaggerated happiness after getting the news of Mitsubishi entering the small car market; I have been anticipating this move from the automotive giant. It’s time for them to leave their mark on the Indian Industry again, it’s been long time they are not able to acquire the status they truly deserve. Lancer is the only success in long time and after that they were not been able to wow the Indian customers. It looks now the doomed image of the pioneer will be revived and the one that will revive it back is the mischievous and smarty the all new “Mirage”.

After the flop show of Outlander and Cedia, company has learned a very important lesson that the heart of Indian market lies in small hatchbacks and they are now targeting on it. Mirage looks like a homework adeptly done. Elegantly designed exteriors, cute side finish and the sporty rear fills the ambience with excitement. Interiors are very fluffy and soft; car is designed to provide the best of luxury to its five passengers. Dash looks sporty and smart, buttons and functions are affixed beautifully without compromising on even a bit of a beauty. Mitsubishi Mirage is a smart work done now ahead is the equally important aspect where company has not proved to be much effective up to now “marketing”.

Mirage is going to be a trend setter and is a beauty redefined, surely going to embed the roots of Mitsubishi once again in the brightest market of opportunities. I can imagine well the changing rules of the game and the hilarious ride bringing in the cutting edge technology to create a marked difference. Hat’s off for you Mitsubishi eagerly waiting to taste the lovely ride.

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