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Nissan Leaf Reviews


By Sanchali Rawat

Price: 9,03,800


Head turner Nissan Leaf is ready to rock the show!!!!

Pros : Decent looks and high fuel efficiency

Cons : Price not revealed, expecting it to be high as per previous experiences

Nissan Leaf which is rated as one of the most fuel efficient cars of Japan is heading its way to India; car which is revealed in the Auto Expo looks very promising for the Indian terrain. Hi friends, I am Sanchali Rawat from Ludhiana, an automobile engineer and highly enthusiastic car lover. At the first glance it looked like a dazzling masterpiece which has very bright future in our market where cars with high mileage are always warmly welcomed. Nissan leaf works on the hybrid electric platform and gives 6 to 7 times more mileage than a common combustible engine car. Leaf despite being a hatchback is sized like Honda Jazz, spacious interiors; Luxurious upholstery, leathery finish and powerful engine for a great driving experience are some of the prominent features.

Leaf has a bright future in the Indian market where the ever rising fuel prices have a serious impact on the consumer’s choice. “Fuel Efficiency” a modern buzzword is a common characteristic on which every Indian lay huge emphasis. Despite the aforementioned characteristics, car is a beauty pageant and looks simply awesome. V shaped design, big upward slanting headlights, beautiful sidelines and high mounted tail lights adds to the inherent beauty and are the characteristic features of the Nissan’s car. Nissan leaf is a head turner and will change the game for the existing players; it will be the advent of a new class of hybrid vehicles catering well to the needs of the changing times.

Nissan Leaf is a demand generated product and is a solution of the problems Indian customers are facing today; it has set high safety and quality benchmarks too which are surely going to make it an eye candy. Adoring beauty encompasses the latest world renowned features and is surely going to rock the show, so now the time has come to redesign the rules for being on top.

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