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Nissan Sylphy Reviews


By Vikas Pandey

Price: 9,03,800


Better work on the present ones Nissan why risking Sylphy

Pros : Ample space inside and rugged strong body for additional safety of their customers

Cons : Too pricy for the total features

Hi all, I am Vikas Pandey from Kota, unable to please the Indian customers, the manufacturer of the carrrrr is anticipating grabbing the eyeballs of the ones giving her a hard time with her new refreshing face of the year “The Nissan Sylphy”. Yes, my friends you have got it completely right I am talking about the one and only Nissan. Company is already bearing the burden of the failed models like Teana and has only two sedans in place among which the other one is fighting hard to remain standstill. In order to fill in the gap between the two, company is going for its third launch in the sedan market. Nissan with its negligible market share can’t change the rules of the game in a single go.

Overburdened with the failures, company is trying to get the hold by launching a number of cars so that their customers have options to value their offerings. Sunny‘s stable performance has given the company positive inspiration to go for another but they are losing on the key ingredients behind the Sunny’s initial success, low price, spacious interiors etc. The new Nissan Sylphy offers exuberant space, nice styling, good looks, but the major factor ruling here is the high price and it is been targeted in the customer sensitive zone where the current established cars are performing well and can easily rule out any new player so it’s a zone of caution and should be attacked after gathering enough consumer confidence.

Company’s reputation is at the least as of now and is struggling with the current affairs, needs to have a broad look over the current options and should try to work hard to create a ground base on which the success of the futuristic launches remain safe but if they are not doing the same and burdening themselves with extra cars than they are risking their mere survival.

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