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Renault Sandero Reviews


By Lovely Singh

Price: 9,03,800


Hacked off makeovers Renault Sandero, we need something refreshing

Pros : Cool looks and good fuel efficiency.

Cons : Use of plastic in exteriors and lacks in freshness.

Hi my dear friends, it’s Lovely Singh from Punjab. I have always been on top of cars and I love them very much. Always eager to have a look on new exciting, mind boggling, sweet rides heading their way towards India. I have been looking at the Renault’s plan to launch “Sandero”, in India. Developed by the Renault’s Romanian subsidiary Dacia, car looks nothing more than the amalgamated looks of some of the already existing famous cars in India. Renault well known for making fabulous make-ups and redesigning exteriors of some of the prominent cars and then relaunching it was the initial success like in the case of Nissan’s Micra, they did good face work and the launching of Renault Pulse was a success but the same can’t be said for Sandero.

Conventional looks, mixture of Hyundai’s, Maruti’s and Ford’s market hits, amenities which are not refreshing to the senses, overall ambience lacks the feeling of being new, all these makes it a dull affair. Renault who has been believed to excite the market again after the duster’s success is doing what we can call “Dumping”, that’s what industry leaders do when they are over powered but I have not expected this from Renault.

Customers are intelligent than ever, the recent success of the Renault’s Duster well proves this point. They are looking for innovative designs, good fuel efficiency, powerful engines and all these at the competent price. Sandero lacks on the magic word that is the modern buzzword of the automotive industry “Innovation” and as per the reports recently revealed the price of the vehicle is too much to bargain for. So it can rightfully be concluded that the Renault’s Sandero is surely a car of less desirability for Indian customers, it’s too odd and old for customers who have already tasted the best in class.

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