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Tata Prima Reviews


By Dhruv Soni

Price: 9,03,800


Dwindling Tata’s ready for dooming project “Prima”

Pros : Assurance of long term performance and comfortable luxurious interiors

Cons : Boring looks and high maintenance cost involved with Tata vehicles

Hi buddies, It’s Dhruv Soni from Chandigarh, a software professional and admirer of Tata Motor Company. Witnessing the present moves of Indian automotive giants showing reindeer games in order to strengthen their position on the world’s toughest consumer market where the only mantra for success is innovation, facing continuous whipping by the world powers, it’s becoming hard for them to survive in even their home market. One such company feeling the heat of foreign competition is Tata Motor Company, unable to prove its mettle in the consumer vehicle segment, now the company is better known for its tourist vehicles.

Holding a group of unsuccessful offerings for the consumer market like Indigo, Manza, Nano, Venture and Winger, now they are planning of launching one more namely “Prima”. The new Tata Prima looks robotic and lacks in what we call the appealing X factor which entices and spreads the spell for grabbing the customer’s attention. It looks like they have been living in the 19th century, being at the front end doesn’t mean they can sell just anything, their past performance throws light on their dwindling market performance and they are not able to stronghold themselves. We have recently seen the failure of Ratan Tata’s dream project “Nano”, ex chairman of the Tata group was unable to wow its customers, who are losing trust on the company.

Looking at the current scenario and the hard time company is going through, it will be a risky decision to come up with a new project, surety of the success is at all time low, may prove to be a disastrous move and the closure of a project which may find a suitable place in future. It’s time to revive the doomed image by enriching the current products for better customer service and thinking innovatively to cash on present options.

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