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Tata Safari Storme Reviews


By Purushottam

Price: 9,03,800


Booked the Tata Safari Storme

Pros : good amount of power, high mileage, highly comfortable

Cons : the diesel of the car needed a little more refinement

I am very passionate driver. And I am having a family of five. Me, my wife and our three kids. I have been highly passionate about driving good cars right from the time I had learnt driving. It has been more than twenty years since I have been driving. I currently own the old version of Tata Safari. But now I am thinking to upgrade myself to the new version of the car this birthday which will fall in November. And coincidently the new version of the car which I have been eyeing on since long is going to launch itself in just about the right time for me. I have already booked the color in my favorite color for myself.

I am highly impressed by the performance this car delivers both on road and off road. Even when I take my present car on the roughest of terrain it gives no trouble to me. It is very easy to drive the car in the harshest of roads especially with the power the engine provides even in the worst of weather conditions. With a very good amount of power which the car provides it also gives a lot of comfort to the people in the cabin. The car is fitted with very comfortable seats. And it has a very effective air conditioning system. The air condition in the car is very good and very effective as I have earlier said. It takes no time in cooling the car even if it is very hot outside. Apart from the good comfort level which the car provides it is very economical as well in the long run as the car manages to give a good amount of mileage even after yielding out so much power out of its engine.

I think that this new car will be able to attract people who have big families and they themselves are enthusiastic drivers. The car will also attract those who look for comfort inside a car. The car looks like a very attractive purchase for me. And I can hardly stop to have my hands on the steering wheel of this car and take it out for a spin in the wild. The good amount of power that the car gives assures me high enough that this car will not betray me when I am alone with it. It just amazes me when I take a look at the highly good mileage figure after the fact that the car also gives so much power. The car is very impressive and I can’t wait to buy this one.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Tata Safari Storme has good interior and huge space..

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