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Tata Safari Storme Reviews


By Suresh

Price: 9,03,800


Eagerly waiting for Tata Safari Storme

Pros : improved looks, engine, comfortable interiors

Cons : N/A

It has been pretty long time that Tata Motors has promised to launch the new and improved variant of its good old SUV, Tata Safari. The new one would be called Tata Safari Storme. However, there is no fixed date as to when will Tata Motors will be launching this new and improved SUV in the country. But, if I have heard it right, the car might come in this year itself. There are many things that are exciting me for Tata Safari Storme. One of the major ones is the exteriors.

Tata Motors have completely transformed Safari and will be launching it with a whole new look as Tata Safari Storme. The front of the car appears to be quite spectacular in the pictures that I have seen so far. The large headlamps that are seen on the front are quite nicely done. The bonnet is smooth and sporty and the typical grille on the front adds on more charm to the entire look of the car. The rear end of the car also looks quite amazing. The tail lamps are good and the high mounted stop lamp is located in a perfect position.

The attractiveness in the new Tata Safari Storme seems to be increased to a much higher level. However, with the extra goodness on the outside, the price tag is also a segment of worry for me. Hopefully, Tata Motors will take care of its consumers and keep the price tag of the new Tata Safari Storme reasonable and viable. I am big fan of Tata Motors and my next buy would definitely be Safari Storme, if priced well.

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