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User Reviews of tata sumo victa (5)

Monday, December 19, 2011

By Shankar

The unbeatable king of SUVs

Pros : Very powerful engine, enormous space inside, strong a/c, high ground clearance and it’s a very agile and quick vehicle

Cons :Low mileage and high maintenance cost

Tata Sumo is a dream come true for people like me who always desire of buying a rugged hulky off roader at a much reasonable price. I took its test drive recently and am on my way to become a satisfied buyer of a nice looking SUV.  I live in the outskirts of Madhya Pradesh and my daily.... [...]

Friday, November 18, 2011

By Sidharth

It’s a combination of two cars enclosed in a single body

Pros : Enormous space, broad tyres for better grip, good fuel efficiency and reasonable pricing

Cons :Material used to build interiors is tacky and car offers low ground clearance

Tata Sumo, a car designed for people like me who wants to carry world with them. I have been driving SUV’s of all types through out my life and I have 5 hulks under my shed, all of them are very close to my heart and an integral part of my life. Tata Sumo is the first among the fives and I.... [...]

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

By Navin

Best SUV in the segment

Pros : Good pricing, decent design, very easy to drive, high ground clearance and good fuel efficiency

Cons :Poor on styling, carrying the same looks for the last 10 years and customers are bored of it

I have been driving Tata Sumo for the last 10 years and it’s been great on road all the time. I live in a suburb area of Madhya Pradesh and in order to carry my monthly supplies I need a good multi utility vehicle and it’s the best of all I have got. It's very spacious from.... [...]

Friday, October 21, 2011

By Atmaram

Strong vehicle for tough conditions

Pros : Spacious interiors, powerful engine, extremely comfortable seats, power steering makes it a nice to drive, ample boot space and is a strong hulk to go wild on long drives

Cons :Average boring looks, weak suspension, plastic used to build interiors is tacky, high maintenance cost and is difficult to handle at speeds above 100

I own a travel agency in Nagpur and I have 3 Tata Sumo Victa’s. I purchased my first Sumo around 18 months back and used it heavily. Strong rugged vehicle assured me of the high build in quality and I purchased 2 more, all of my Sumo’s always remain in transit and never disappointed.... [...]

Thursday, October 13, 2011

By Navin

A heavy, rugged, trustable carrier

Pros : Nice silent powerful engine, ample boot and legroom space, high fuel efficiency, low maintenance and easy to drive for long hours

Cons :Boring looks, tacky unchanged interiors, less powerful a/c and suspension that transfers all road vibrations to passengers

I have been driving Tata Sumo for close to 5 years now and got it as an inheritance from my father who likes to drive big hunky off roaders. Hey don’t google on your thoughts he is alive and very energetic and agile like a juvenile athlete and he updated himself with new Toyota Fortuner. I.... [...]

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