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Bentley Azure T Reviews


By Kanika

Price: 9,03,800


Wish to Have a Test Drive of Bentley Azure

Pros : excellent looks, great performance and enjoying interiors

Cons : none

Hi friends. I am Kanika from Mumbai. There are many cars in the market that have impressed me but the one that I desire to drive once is Bentley Azure T. Being the Bentley, it is an honour to have one. But before buying it I want to know that what is there in cars of such brands that make them so much expensive. The Bentley Azure T is priced almost around 4 crores which makes it an extraordinary thing. When I hear my friends discussing about cars and the features and looks they possess, I feel that nothing in this world can be more interesting than having a car of such a high brand.

My dad is in favor of this car and I am getting curious to know that what’s that special about this car. Having a test drive will suppress my curiosity and I will be able to figure out the difference between an ordinary car and Bentley Azure T. Also I will be able to set my mind whether I should go for it or not. Though I like open cars and so my opinion is in favor of it. But being a convertible, I have a doubt about its comfort features and safety features. From outside it looks fabulous and its appearance has impressed me a lot. Unlike other cars which are convertible it looks different and not like a sports car. It is having a structure and looks that I will prefer being a girl. Its 6761 cc V8 petrol engine sounds a powerful one and so I am just waiting to experience its drive once. I am expecting much from it and hope that it doesn’t disappoint me.

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