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Bentley Brooklands V8 Reviews


By Karan

Price: 9,03,800


Bentley Brooklands V8: Luxury redefined

Pros : Finest luxury, comfort, high end driving experience, a trusted name for best performance and customer service

Cons : Exuberant pricing, compact service channel

Brooklands V8 from the Bentley Motor limited is a car that redefined the term luxury by inculcating and promising the aristocratic touch in every bit of it. It’s a marvelous blend of high end driving experience coupled with finest of comfort that makes a fantastic once in a lifetime of experience. Car is like a 7 star suite fitted with amenities that stretch well the enumerated specs of any being but if still you have something to add on, company hosts and promises to serve you with the best of your desires however classy wagon for the affluent counterparts doesn’t come with a easy price tag it has a premium associated with it.

Car amounts for the whooping sum that makes it the costliest in its segment, it’s too much to bargain for and that’s the biggest reason company faces problems for the extension of its services in the Indian market which has proved boon for the manufacturers around the globe desiring to expand. Small portfolio with all coming in the very upper segment has restricted the company to some elite class.

Brooklands V8 is just another name affixed on the list, not very pleasing to the Indian senses who desire luxury but have due regard towards the best value for money too. The aggressively priced car is lacking in this dimension and losing its foothold.

A well designed car with the finest of accessories and world class equipments needs to strike a balance between offering and pricing for encashing on better prospects to serve the Indian market. The British automotive giant needs a differentiated strategy for the price delicate customers to make the brand popular among the ones who aspire to own a Bentley but feel the heat of the exuberant price. Bentley is a brand with a distinct personality and is an undefeatable name for luxury that only needs a little makeover to encapsulate the opportunities available in the biggest consumer market.

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