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BMW 7 Series 730Ld Reviews


By Sujouy Ghosh

Price: 9,03,800


BMW’s 7 series is only an extravagant piece of pie

Pros : Emblem of pure luxury, very beautiful cum comfortable interiors

Cons : Too costly for the total features not truly worth it

Hi friends, I am Sujouy Ghosh, am a successful businessman from Calcutta, owing a top class BMW was my childhood dream. I grew up started business, years passed away and my business grew in all directions and finally the day came when I was equipped to fulfill all my dreams. In order to make it a rich package I purchased BMW 7 series 730Ld. Having a high end BMW fills me with pride. It’s like luxury on the way. I am very delighted with my investment. I continued to enjoy its sweet ride for 2 years than my fascination and attraction towards the beautiful art keep on decreasing and it reached a lowest level and provoked me to give a thought again to my investment. Car’s features are fine but I would have planned my purchase judiciously. Shedding a big amount was not a fruitful decision.

Owing a BMW 7 series fills a person with pride; the classy ride is a status builder and adds to the personality of the owner. It’s an action packed ride that helps you to enjoy every bit of the journey, its comfort keeps one away from the outside dirty ambience. Its rugged musculature ensures riders safety on all terrains. Shock absorbers promises to keep the uneven terrain vibrations to themselves. BMW is high on safety parameters and they have included best of equipments to ensure safety of the passengers. Airbags for all, anti lock breaking system, child safety locks and many more cares like mother’s but all these can be arranged in a much better price if one is ready to forego the BMW tag. I am not criticizing and I am not blaming BMW of being very costly, I am just throwing light on valuable investment. My mom is a Gujarati and she always gives due regards to one thing, she says money makes money so spend it wisely and as per me my decision of long time ago was not a wise decision.

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