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BMW GT Reviews


By Nikhil

Price: 9,03,800


A star from BMW, BMW GT

Pros : superb styling, technologically advanced features, superior safety

Cons : expensive

BMW is a known luxury car brand and recently I saw the BMW GT concept car in the news. Sadly I didn’t get the chance to see the car in person, but from the news, pictures and internet I had the urge to write my opinion on it. The BMW GT is a good looking car indeed. It has been blessed with some amazing exterior design, which is not seen before in any other BMW car.

Personally speaking, I loved the side profile of the car. It gives a very sporty appearance making it different from other luxury cars that I have seen. The front of the car is also impressive, as it showcases some traditional BMW things like grille. The headlamp cluster seems to be attractive as well. The rear part looks very accentuated with a high boot lid and chic tail lights. For me looks do matter and BMW GT doesn’t let down in this section.

The interiors to me aren’t known too much. But from the pictures I have seen on the internet, the car is blessed with some very high-class upholstery, technologically advanced features and more. The automatic climate control, adjustable seats, power steering wheel, power windows, and more are present as per the specification. I hear that the driving dynamics of the car are also inspiring that makes it a mean machine on the car. For me what matters is the speed and acceleration. The BMW GT has high class pick up and acceleration. Hopefully I will get a chance soon and drive this mean machine and check out the real driving dynamics on road. So far the only minus point I see here is the high price.

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