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BMW X1 sDrive 18i Reviews


By Dinesh

Price: 9,03,800


BMW you broke my dream

Pros : Brand name, style

Cons : Dissatisfactory mileage, uncomfortable interior and ignorant customer-care

Ever since I developed an understanding about cars when I was a young boy I have always loved the BMW variants more than any other cars. Every person owning a BMW seemed to be a style icon to me. And as I grew up buying my dream car took the form of adamancy for me. I just had to own a BMW anyhow and then on my 21st birthday my dad gifted me a shining new BMW X1. WHOOAH!! What a day it was. I was out on roads with my friends almost whole day and night. But as and when the time passed my BMW X1 started giving me shocks one after the other.

First of all although the outer body has got a super sporty and stylish look but the interior is not that appealing as is expected from a BMW variant. Also the car’s interior is very uncomfortable which was completely unexpected from such a big brand. The seats are very hard and the driving seat is not positioned properly making it very uncomfortable for the driver to sit in for long hours. Pick-up is just pathetic. And the worst part is that within two months of purchase I encountered problems like leaking windows, rattling doors and air filter located inside bonnet, low engine oil level and when taken to the service center I was so damn shocked by their ignorant response and a bigger shock is that the staff was unaware about most of the problems and asked me to give a response when they take a feedback on phone from the company.

I could have swallowed it if it was some other brand and the money spent from my pocket was another 5 or 6 lacs. But when it comes to a brand like BMW and the amount spent is something around 23,00,000 this type of feedback is something very disheartening. Really BMW you broke my dream.

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