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Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel LS Reviews


By Neel Kamal

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Sail – Ultimate hatchback for youths

Pros : Drive, Maintenance, Mileage, Features, Style

Cons : None I found


Hi, I am Neel Kamal from the ancient city, Patna and today I have become one of the proud owners of the latest hatchback sensation, Chevrolet Sail UVA Diesel LS. Prior its purchase I researched a lot and shortlisted Ford Figo, Chevy Sail Diesel and Volkswagen Polo. I found Chevrolet Sail diesel much pleasing in drive than the other two. Moreover, the yearly maintenance cost of this car is very less than Figo and Polo. Another best part of this car is its great mileage. 
At present on rough basis my car is delivering mileage of 17 – 18 kmpl in city and around 20 kmpl on highways. Moreover, features available in the car are too good. My entry level Sail UVA Diesel LS has got AC, Power Steering, Driver Airbag, Front & Rear Power windows etc. Power and performance from the 1.3 liter diesel engine is outstanding. I have driven at the maximum speed of 110 kmph till now and have found that the stability and road-grip of the car are up to the mark.
Besides this, I am all impressed with the exteriors that the company has blessed this car with. The front fascia of the car is somewhat resembling to the premium sedan, Cruze, however from the sides the vehicle looks sporty like the i20. Another USP of this car is its luxurious interiors that look well mated and are premium in quality. The dash board and the trip meter have also been given a sporty and fresh look that makes the interior look much impressive. 
Overall, I found this car a value for money product and would suggest it to all the premium hatchback lovers. I am very sure that you would not be disappointed with its purchase. 

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Monday, November 19, 2012


Chevrolet Sail UV-A comes with nice features..

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