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Chevrolet Sail UVA STD Reviews


By Ajay Meditya

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Sail UVA is out with a bang!

Pros : both petrol and diesel variants, affordable price, beautiful and spacious interiors, excellent mileage.

Cons : None.

I am V. Shantaram writing from Hyderabad. I am a retired government teacher and a vocalist by choice. My family consists of me, my wife and my two sons who are both settled abroad. So me and my wife are currently living all on ourselves and this is the reason that soon after my retirement and after my younger son also shifted abroad for his higher studies I started feeling the need for a small but a good car for me and my wife. I don’t know whether its in my nature or something but I have always been sceptical about buying things which involve a huge money. So buying a car was not a small decision at all. And on top of all choosing the right one was the biggest task to do. Till I heard about the Chevrolet’s new launch i.e. the Chevrolet Sail UVA STD.

I saw the car when I visited the auto expo Delhi with my son. He just loved it. And so did I. The best thing about the car is that it comes with all the necessary features, good looks, excellent mileage and what not and that too in a very affordable price. The car has a nice power steering which is a relief for me at this age. The look of the car is just stunning in both the interior and the exterior part of it. The exterior of the car has a cool sporty look as my son says. It has a sturdy look unlike the other hatchbacks of this category which I liked about the car. The interior of the car is also beautifully designed. It has a decent looking dashboard, loaded with all the necessary accessories and is very comfortable and spacious.

The car is present in both diesel and petrol variants so this is also another relief in the present time of skyrocketing petrol prices. The mileage of the car is just excellent so it is expected to shine as a performer. I feel that the Chevrolet Sail UVA STD is the best launch so far by the company and I can happily say that I will soon be the proud owner of this car.

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