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Chevrolet Tavera B1-10 Seats BG Reviews


By Vinay

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Tavera : The ultimate transporter

Pros : Good mileage, fantastic acceleration & pick up and good seating capacity

Cons : Features are limited

Hello everyone, I am Vinay Jadhav from Akola, Maharashtra. The beginning of my career started with Chevrolet Tavera and today, I would give credit to this car for the achievements I have attained. I have a transportation & tourist cab business and Chevrolet Tavera is the first car which has being the iconic emblem of my success. Although, I drive Volkswagen Jetta as my personal car but Chevy Tavera has its unique space in my heart.  We use Tavera B1 variants in our business, which have well mated interiors with leather upholstery and powerful air-conditioner  system that chills the environment in a few minutes.

For the driver’s convenience, the Tavera has good space to accommodate with ease. In the first and second row, the leg-room space of Tavera is good, but the rear cabin is bit stiff to accommodate three passengers.

Moreover, the driving pleasure of Tavera is also damn good as the car runs smoothly at a gentle acceleration. In comparison to Bolero, the gears of Chevrolet Tavera are very smooth to shift. Also, the engine noise of Tavera is very less compared to other MPVs. In terms of maintenance too, I find Tavera as a good option as the spare parts of Tavera are very cheap in comparison to Scorpio, Bolero and Innova.

In terms of looks, I find Chevrolet Tavera as a boxy design car. The rear design not a good one, also the side appearance of this car looks so-so. There are no muscle trims and curves that make it look stylish from outside but from the commercial point of view, Tavera is the best option to go with.

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Truly , chevrolet Tavera is good for business purpose.

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