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Chevrolet Tavera B1-10 Seats Reviews


By Sikandar

Price: 9,03,800


A best highway cruiser I have ever driven

Pros : Powerful engine, good triple row a/c, adoring looks, spacious interiors, quick turns and agile at movements

Cons : Lack of sufficient luggage space and ineffective suspension for the third row

I took test drive of Tavera a month back and fell in love with it. I booked the top model very same day. Exteriors are very good looking with beautiful headlights and nicely embedded fog lamps but I like interiors the most and the driving experience is simply hilarious. I have been on tour for the last 3 weeks and have driven close to 8000kms. It’s a real highway cruiser and provides a wonderful driving experience with high end comfort and luxury.

My Tavera has a turbo charged engine which is undoubtedly the best in its class. It’s a very powerful engine which enables to drive even on 150kms per hour on highway. It has triple row a/c “TRAC” which is among the most powerful a/c’s and chills the car in like 4 minutes even in the scorching heat of summers. Ride handling is great and it turns like a jet, a very easy to drive vehicle and is quick and very agile on sharp turns. Car is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers and is amply spaced in all corners especially legroom which is much better than the other multi utility vehicles. Seats are broad and very soft, makes me feel like my bed’s soft cushion. I spent more time in car than on bed but never felt fatigued and even drove continuously for 12 hours without a break.

Car offers high ground clearance that any driver can think off and even short height drivers can drive it equally well. I like the leather covered steering and the center console very much. It’s a well designed ride and a beautiful combination of power, luxury and beauty.


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Anshu Gupta

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Chevrolet Tavera is a big powerful luxurious car amazing design & looks....loved it !!!

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