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Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3 Ambulance BS3 Reviews


By Rajeev

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Tavera missing

Pros : Bold and stylish looks, spacious and comfortable, excellent mileage

Cons : very less safety features, no anti-theft alarm and no central locking system

Hello to everyone! This is Rajeev writing from Hyderabad India. A few days ago my friend’s new brand Chevrolet Tavera Neo Ambulance BS3 got stolen from the parking space outside his friend’s house here in Hyderabad. This came as a shock as my friend had purchased the car only a few months back and was very happy to own the car as he liked it a lot. Although the car was insured and he will be getting the claim soon still getting a new brand car stolen came as a big shock to him.

The entire incident goes this way. My friend Gautam had visited one of his friend’s place for some kind of get together. After having dinner he left his place at about ten thirty at night only to find his Chevrolet Tavera Neo Ambulance BS3 missing from outside his friend’s house.  The thief must have broken the car’s glasses and must have driven away. Here the point arises that if the car had a central locking system the car must have started making a noise if someone had tried to force open the car’s door.

Also a car like this one which is an expensive one and comes in the luxury range of cars there must have been an anti-theft alarm so that it could ring at the time of the theft and the theft could have been prevented. So I feel the missing safety features from this car have proved to be the reason of this theft and if only my friend would have been a little more careful about his car and much more particular about the car’s safety features the car would not have been stolen so easily.

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