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Ford Fiesta Petrol Ambiente Reviews


By Kavindra

Price: 9,03,800


Ford Fiesta – a trouble machine

Pros : No pros

Cons : poor shockers, engine noise, wipers not functioning properly, gear vibration is high and low fuel efficiency

Hello, after hearing my story as a Ford Fiesta buyer, you must not dare to buy this car. I bought Ford Fiesta Petrol Ambiente around two months ago and it has come as a trouble machine. In last two months I have visited the dealership around 10 times. The day I bought this car it was quite smooth in ride and all the features were working all perfectly. I was happy to buy it but things went wrong from the third week of purchase. First of all the front wipers of the car stopped functioning and I had to take it to the dealership to get it work properly. A week later, there was a sudden change in the engine noise and it started troubling. I went to the dealer again and they gave me a silly reply “the engine is new and it would get repaired itself after the first service”.

In addition, the shockers are quite pathetic of this car. As a passenger you feel that you are travelling in car without shockers. Besides this, another major problem is in the gear box which vibrates a lot. At every transmission change, there is jolt in the gear-shifting. Another threatening point of this car is its poor fuel efficiency. As of now, I am getting mileage of around 11 kmpl in city conditions and 13 kmpl on highways, which is not as good as the company claims.

I would say that the new Fiesta is the worst product than the Fiesta Classic. I don’t know how a company like Ford can bring a car with lots of problems. They should understand that there are lot of competitors and one would not hesitate to go for other sedans, it problems continue to be a part of Fiesta.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ford Fiesta is classy car with classy interior..

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