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User Reviews of Ford Figo Diesel EXI (5)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

By R.Balaraj

Wonderful small car on Indian roads

Pros : Performance

Cons :

I am using this car since May 2011, I am an NRE and mostly I used to use Toyota Land Cruiser at abroad. In India I purposly bought this car, driving this is a pleasure, that too long drive. Better leg space at rear seats, power ful engine where we car reach 5th gear within 50 mtr. distance. I.... [...]

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Salman

Totally worth its price; the Ford Figo Diesel

Pros : good look, good power, highly comfortable

Cons :no airbags, no power windows in the rear

I have been working in a multinational company which produces toys for children. I am in the designing team of that company. I was married three years ago but I personally have no children till not. But I have no regrets because I am working in a company which makes thousands of children smile.... [...]

Monday, May 28, 2012

By Avneet

Ford Figo failing on petrol!

Pros : good looks, reasonable price

Cons :good looks, reasonable price

I have a Ford Figo Petrol EXI, which is certainly a very good car. But because of such a high price of petrol, I am planning to switch my car with a diesel one. Ford Figo Petrol EXI is a great car overall. Even the mileage delivered by the petrol engine here is approximately 17 km per litre, but.... [...]

Friday, May 25, 2012

By Shahnawaz

Cool Ford Figo Diesel

Pros : diesel engine, great mileage and good looks

Cons :congested space in the rear end of the cabin

Seeing the hike in petrol prices, it seems like I will never ever buy a petrol car in my life now. Right now I have a petrol car, but with the price rise, I am selling it at a half price and planning to buy Ford Figo Diesel EXI. This hatchback by Ford is quite impressive and delivers great.... [...]

Monday, May 21, 2012

By Veer Singh

9000+kms covered, satisfied with Ford Figo

Pros : legroom and space, features, mileage, AC

Cons :dismal service, headlamps

The Ford Figo 1.4 EXI Diesel has completed more than 9000kms successfully without any major hustle. Ford Figo hatch is just the catch I was looking for, neglecting Maruti Swift for rear-legroom and drivers height (as I m 6 feet+), while feature filled Volkswagen Polo was too costly. There are.... [...]

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