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Honda Brio E MT Reviews


By Tej

Price: 9,03,800


Honda Brio – Style master, but pathetic in ride

Pros : Only appearance is good

Cons : Interiors are stiff for five occupants, ride is poor and instable on highways

Those are willing to by the Brio, I have some warning points to share with them. I bought the Brio E MT in January, this year. Apart from Brio, I own a Swift and when I purchase the Brio I never knew that it is going to trouble me after purchase. Friends, the thing which made me eager to buy this car was its stunning sporty appearance, but I totally ignored its drivability. I just test drove this car for merely a kilometer and purchased it within two days of test drive.

When I took this car after purchase on some open roads on the Mumbai outskirts, I found that there is nothing in this car that could impress me technically. While you drive this car, you feel that the vehicle gets bit instable at a speed of more than 90 kmph. In addition, the vibration in the transmission is too much and the paddle accelerator also vibrates a bit. However, the steering is good, but if you speak about the comfort parameters, there is nothing in this car except the AC. I being a six feet tall passenger don’t feel much comfortable at the drivers’ seat as there is very less space to stretch the legs. Besides this, the rear seat is good for nothing, you can adjust only two adults comfortably, but if three adults sit on the back seat the shoulder space seems to be insufficient.

Added to this, head-room is also not satisfactory for the front two passengers. On a jolty track my head touches the roof of this car and it never happened to me while I was driving Swift. Therefore, I would suggest you guys to think over the major issues that I told and thereafter plan to purchase it.

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