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Honda Brio E MT Reviews


By Udit

Price: 9,03,800


My Brio impresses with every drive

Pros : many high end features, good mileage, good design of the exterior

Cons : no CD player

Me Udit from Mumbai. I work in a multinational company here and I earn pretty well. I earn so well enough that I can afford a big car. But as we all know there is a lot of traffic problem here in my city. Due to this reason I have decided to invest my money in a small hatchback car. Even though I wished to have a small car I wanted it to have most of the high end features and I wanted it to be extremely comfortable. I had been searching for such a car since last couple of months. Honestly I had got very confused with so many cars in competition in the Indian car market. Till the time I found a perfect car, which suited my demands very nicely. The car was Honda Brio E MT. I had really liked this car right from the time I had seen it for the first time.

As we all know cars made by Honda Motors have been very successful in the car market all over the globe. I feel that the company has been famous because it delivers a very good quality in their cars and due to this these cars are really famous amongst its customers. As I had liked the car very much and I even liked the manufacturing company of this car, I did my personal part of research; so as to I do not end up buying the wrong car. With Honda Brio the company Honda had stepped in the most competitive segment in the Indian Car market of small cars. I really like the rear design the company has come up with, as it is very new and refreshing as compared to the other cars in the Indian car market which are present there to give this car a tough competition.

Apart from the rear design which is very attractive and which I have already mentioned above, there are many things about the car which are also very attractive and make the car very beautiful. The variant of Honda Brio which I own comes with body colored bumpers, halogen headlamps, silver steel wheels, front grille which is beautifully finished with chrome and an antenna on the roof. The interiors of the car also compliment the exteriors very nicely. I like the single tone beige colored interiors of the car. They are very nice. There is a bit of amber color hint also present in the interiors of the car and give it a very flawless and sophisticated feel. Apart from the beauty of the car, it is also filled with many comfort features like the air conditioning system with heater, fuel consumption indicator, power windows in the front, power steering, cup holders in the front, headlight height adjuster, keyless entry and many more such features.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Honda Brio works fine smoothly and is it good with mileage.

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