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Honda Brio S (O) MT Reviews


By Chitrabhanu

Price: 9,03,800


Honda Brio: gives you the best at very less!

Pros : reasonable price, brilliant features, trendy design

Cons : none


Last month my uncle purchased the Honda Brio S (O) MT. I personally was not expecting much from this variant of Honda and I even suggested uncle to think over his choice again. But to my surprise the car is proving to be excellent. The looks of the car are good enough and it give s that trendy hatch feel. The exterior is fabulous and comes in some very good colours. The interior of the car is what I love more. It is so elegantly designed and its cosy set up is just too good and its very spacious and comfortable from inside. 
All the features which are expected from a good car nowadays are present in the car. There is power steering, there is AC, there is CD player, and there are power windows, driver and front passenger airbag, central locking and what not. And everything is working just perfect. The electronic power steering of the car especially is amazing and whenever I get to drive it I don’t miss the chance. The car is very handy and easy to drive. The acceleration and pick up of the car is also excellent. Air conditioner comes with a heater and is working great. 
Ten or fifteen days back we took the car to a nearby town to attend a small family function. Actually my uncle avoids car journeys as far as possible but that day we were not left with a choice. But the way this car took us to our destination made my uncle change his mind. First of all the car was so smooth to drive on highway that the person who had to drive did not feel the tiredness at all. Secondly the car’s comfortable and spacious interiors and the nice audio player added up to the charm of the journey. 
Most important part was played by the AC I must say. Its cooling relieved us from the hot weather. Apart from all the features the most important thing is that the car is amazingly fuel efficient. The mileage given by the car is quite decent and uncle is very happy with it. And yes I also don’t find any flaws in it so far. It definitely gives you a lot or perhaps everything that a car requires in a very less price.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The cars interiors have some fantastic high quality features in it. The interiors of the car are in single tone beige and look really beautiful.



Monday, August 13, 2012


Honda brio interiors have some fantastic high quality features in it.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Honda Brio is Great car and Adequate space for driver. it is a Good Affordable car

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