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Honda Brio S (O) MT Reviews


By Prateek

Price: 9,03,800


Pump up the mileage of Honda Brio

Pros : attractive exteriors, good acceleration and pumped up fuel efficiency.

Cons : petrol engine and no alloy wheels

I have a Honda Brio S (O) MT, which I purchased last month. The car is quite attractive and its looks were the main reason I bought it. A month ago, I had no idea that the petrol rates will take such a toll. Currently, the petrol prices are soaring high and this has made burnt a big hole in my pocket. My Honda Brio S (O) MT has 1.2 litre of SOHC petrol engine that produces 88PS of maximum power along with 109 Nm of maximum torque. The five speed manual transmission coupled with the engine makes its fuel economy to land around 14.4 to 18.4 km per litre. But with this sky rocketing petrol prices, it is very important to hike the fuel efficiency of the car.

I have opted for numerous ways to pump up the fuel efficiency of my Honda Brio S (O) MT. I’ll list out some ways to do so here, hopefully they will help you as well. Try to keep the tank at least one quarter full. Another thing you need to do is too slow down. The speed should be kept very high as the more the speed, the more work has to be done by engine and therefore the mileage decreases. One more important tip here to increase the mileage is to make use of brakes as minimum as possible. There tips will certainly increase the fuel efficiency of your petrol car.

Besides the pumped up the mileage of my Honda Brio S (O) MT, my car also has comfortable and top class interiors that make my drive furthermore pleasurable and relaxing.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


The launch of Brio hatchback last year, Honda has stepped on to the right path as there was no entry level car in India in its stable.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Honda Brio is good interiors and This comes with a warranty



Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Honda Brio gives good mileage.

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