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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Jagadish

Price: 9,03,800


A Powerful small car resembling Honda’s strong points

Pros : Powerful engine, nice mileage, smooth gear shift, awesome exteriors with stunning styling and Honda’s build in trust

Cons : Aggressive pricing

Honda Brio, A beautiful portrait displaying the strong points Honda  cars are well known for, are now presented in a small action packed vehicle to allure high middle class families and bestow them with the features , elegance , power, styling and comfort that are typical of a sedan and were before restricted to only high income families. Finally Honda is providing people like me who always dream of buying a car very much in line with City model but doesn’t have that much of budget to exaggerate.

Finally I would be able to fulfill my dream of owing a Honda car and that’s an amazing feeling for me. I am a great admirer for Honda cars because of their distinct personality and styling which separates them from the herd. Driving Brio is an awesome experience and you will never feel deprived of power even when a/c is running on full and you are driving in city. On highways it adds to the excitement and you will be able to explore it on full, overtaking is very easy, grip is amazing and a small finger movement on steering  turns the car to 90 degrees, it turns like moving a jet plane. Mileage is amazing for this class of vehicle and offers 18km/ltr on highway. Honda offers best after sales service however spares are aggressively priced but as per dealer they are rugged enough and will not leave you before 60 to 70 thousand kilometers.

Overall Brio is a car for those who like a brilliant combination of elegant and luxurious sedans at a price of a normal hatchback. HONDA ALWAYS ROCKS!!!!.

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