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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Anirudh

Price: 9,03,800


A true hatchback

Pros : looks, performance

Cons : not known yet

Honda has launched its smallest car Brio in the country. It was showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo, last year. Since then, people have been eagerly waiting for this car, and now they have actually got what they wanted.

 Exterior: Honda Brio is real cute car. It has a pretty front view, with nicely built front grille and superbly designed headlights, and it's colors are vibrant and cool. The rear looks different from other cars, and the mirror is longer and tail lights going to the side portion. It looks different, but these different looks make it all the more smart.

Interior: The first thing you notice is the displaced music system and Ac Vents. This feels awkward at the first sight, but it grows on you eventually. The seats are of nice design and look cool. The car is amazingly spacious on the inside, however it doesn't look that big from the outside. You don't feel disappointed and this car fully outdoes its competitors.

Engine: As all other Honda cars, Brio is also available in just petrol option. The small car has a nice engine and it delivers good performance. Honda's engine is a treat for the driver and there is no noise from the engine. The acceleration is smooth and the car is quick too. The mileage is also good with about 14kmpl in city conditions.

Verdict: The small car Honda Brio is high on space, as compared to other hatchbacks. It's price has been kept low, and this makes it a real attraction for buyers. The features, looks, and performance, all work in the favour of Honda Brio.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Honda Brio is deadly excellent hatchback in this time.The car has a pretty front and rear view,with nice bold stylish and luxury designed.it is having different and beautiful inside view.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Honda Brio is the second hatchback from the company in India, Seats of new Honda Brio have thin backrests, which provide comfort to the passengers.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Really is a good small family car. Interior & Exterior is soo stylish. this makes it a real attraction for buyers.

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