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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Subramanian

Price: 9,03,800


Brio - The whiz car

Pros : Looks, Engine, Mileage, Maintenance schedule

Cons : Boot space,poor head lamps,suspnsion

Exterior: The first sight on the car blows you away with the revolutionary styling. Honda has not made mistakes in this department for all its cars. It is aerodynamic styling and low sitting stance motivated you to have fun while driving. Check the rear side of the car with the contemporary GLASS finish and CIVIC style rear lamps. It is terriffic to see the design.

Interior (Features, Space & Comfort): I am still trying to understand how honda has created ample space for passengers in this small car. It is unbelievable to see such a rear leg room space availabel in this car. I could say one of class leading. However tall people sitting on the rear may feel uncomfortable since the integrated headrest in the rear seats are not at the right position. The seats are optimum. Ladies with saree and old people can easily get into the rear set of the car gracefully. There is no CD player. But Honda has made sense in this because carrying lot of CDs with you may eat space in this car. The sound quality from the system is very good. The dials are sporty and gives basic information like Avg Fuel consumption,Trip meter, ODO, Seat belt warning for driver.etc.,It is sad that there are no refelectors on the knobs where you can adjust Mirrors, Windows. This makes difficult to reach to the buttons during the night while driving.There are only two bottle holders and map pockets in the front doors. The bottle holders hold good for small sized ones. There is a ECO mode light in the dials which will glow when you are driving in economy range. It is always fun to make the motor to glow this light. I would always struggle to keep this light glowing in heavy traffic. Tigh support for the seats are less. Three people at the rear seat is not a good idea for long journeys.

Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox: IVTEC what else do you want. The very famous Honda engine. It the same JAZZ engine but  slightly broght down in power. The 1.2 liter engine responds very quick. You reach fifth gear on low RPMs. This means better fuel efficiency. It is so silent that sometimes you feel like turning off the music system and enjoy the drive. The gear box is not as smooth. I dont know if this issue is only on my car. The throws are smaller and the knob is very small. Ladies would love to drive the car because of its easy handling. It is easy REV engine. I have clocked a fuel efficiency of 17.5 kM/l in long distance as displayed. I maintained a speed of 90Km/Hr. My city driving conditions gave me not more than 12 kM/l.

Ride Quality & Handling:Brio's suspension is not that good. You can feel that it is not soft. The rear passengers can feel a Pot hole with a shake. Thats probably because of light weight body. It has a good ground clearance with 165 mm for it wheelbase. You can feel tyre noise inside at high speed. The steering is very smooth and sharp which makes cornering an easy task. Brio's airy feel makes it easy to park as well. On highways you can feel the bump on rear seats when crossing a patched roads. The headlamps will not support you much when driving on heavy rains.

Final Words:Mind you this is a 1.2 litre engine and this car is the cheapest in the lot. You could see i10 offering lot of disounts and does not come with alloy wheels. For a hatch back equipment levels are not important rather VFM is more in this segment. With the Honda Batch this car is really a VFM. You would feel proud that you are driving ECO conscious brand.

Compared to Etios Liva, Brio stands out in design,interiors and Better engine. However Brio failed in space and Gear shift.
Compared to Swift, Brio stands out in pricing and refinement level. Brio fails in ride quality and Equipment level. But Swift is expensive
Compared to Maruti Ritz, Brio comes better in engine and design. Brio fails in space
Compared to Hyundai i10, Brio comes better in ride quality. Brio fails in equipment level and Boot space.

Areas of improvement  
Honda can improve the suspension and place some reflectors in the front door knobs. This refeltors count on the safety. Rear seat headrest is very low and needs some height adjustable head rest.



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Friday, October 26, 2012


The Honda Brio is equipped with best interior features.

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