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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Deepu

Price: 9,03,800


Honda Brio drinks Fuel Like Humans Inhale Oxygen

Pros : Powerful engine setup, Fascinating exterior design

Cons : Poor mileage, heavily priced and shaggy exterior body assemble

I planned to buy a new car this year and recommended by some friends who own Honda sedans suggested me to go for Honda Brio as I am not a hunk by my earnings to bring a sedan into my garage. With lots of positivity I went to a Honda dealership in my city but, frankly everything was in vain. Looking into the Honda Brio catalog I was very fascinated but the sun drop down when I was intimated about the on road price of this small gummy.

 What I really wanted to be in my car was nowhere seen yet it was so heavily priced. The engine performance delivered by 1.2 L SOHC i-VTEC Petrol Engine of 1198 cc was undoubtedly good but the shaking exteriors during the test drive at high speeds took away my excitement which even laid down by its great appetite of fuel as it delivers just 14.4 kmpl on city roads.

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