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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Kartik

Price: 9,03,800


It’s a small wonder

Pros : Queen of looks and styling, good fuel efficiency, low turning radius, spacious interiors and great handling all the time

Cons : Rear is slightly awkward looking and space inside is not enough for a car with such a heavy price tag

I have purchased Honda’s Brio six months back because of its great driving pleasure and Honda’s inbuilt trust made it a hot option of the middle class segment. It’s a new car and has refreshing new looks that makes it a best option of choice. I took test drive of Hyundai I 10, Ford Figo and Maruti’s Swift before going for it. Honda is always been on the top of looks, styling, comfort, luxury and smartness and all of their vehicles carry these in their adept form. Brio is their first hatchback in the middle class segment and they have designed it pretty well taking all the aspects into consideration.

Brio looks stunning from the front. Smart headlights with aggressive bold looks make it an exciting ride. Rear is new and slightly awkward in looks. Side profile is good in design and gives it a classy touch. Tyres are broad and grip the road tight. Suspension is good enough to bear our filthy, potholed and dirtiest roads. After sales service of Honda is best in class and maintenance cost is not a matter of much concern. Spares are reasonably priced too and are rugged enough to run at least 40000 kms and dealer has given me warranty on tyres too.

Interiors make it a beautiful queen. Broad comfortable seats with good legroom all around make it very comfortable to go on long drives however boot is insufficiently spaced. Classy luxurious upholstery and good plastic material is used to build interiors and it makes it a best value for the high price it fetches.

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