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Honda Brio V MT Reviews


By Renu

Price: 9,03,800


Small wonder

Pros : price, features

Cons : haven't found any

Honda Brio has been introduced recently. It is Honda latest offering to the Indian market. There was a huge buzz surrounding this small car. Now, we have it around us and we can very well own this masterpiece.

Exterior: Brio is an amazing offering from Honda motors. It is perfect for Indian conditions. Its looks are attractive and wonderful. The car has been designed keeping in mind the psychology of Indian car buyers. Small cars are loved in India, and Honda Brio should be loved for its peppy looks and attractive design.

Interior: Honda Brio is conceptually different for Indian people. they have probably never seen such interiors in a small car. This may well be regarded a beginning of a revolution. Instead of keeping it the way all other cars are, Honda designed it differently. The instrument panel is not aligned to the gearbox. It is not in the middle of the car. In fact, it is more on the passenger seat side. The seats are also differently designed with headrests and seats in one piece and carrying different shape. Brio is spacious too.

Engine: The 1200cc engine is quite regular for small cars, but Honda's engines are more fuel efficient and better performers than other companies' cars. It is available in petrol version only.

Safety: There is central locking, there is ABS with EBD, there is keyless entry, but these features differ with different variants of Brio. Higher end variants get more loaded with safety features.

Verdict: Honda Brio should be India's next favorite in the small car market. It is everything people need and the biggest thing about it is the Honda mark on it. Whole India loves Honda cars, and a Honda car as lowly priced as Brio, should get more than expected attention and buyers in India.

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