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Honda City 1.5 V MT Reviews


By M Ramanaiah Naidu

Price: 9,03,800


M Ramanaiah Naidu

Pros : Good looks, fuel economy

Cons : Rattling noice in the front right door when music played at little higher volume, poor shock absorbers, lousy paint

I have a Honda City ivtec  V MT since May 2010. Initially the cabin noise was very low even at high speeds, music system was good. Slowly after sometime cabin noise increased even at low speeds, there is rattling noice in the right front door when music played at slightly higher volume, scratches all over the body even withouth touching anything, very poor painting. Almost nil Customer Service from Honda when you complain about anything. Dealers will take care of routine problems but when there is a problem like rattling noice when music is played at higher volume, dealer is not able to handle that and there is no response from Honda SIEL Cars India Pvt Ltd. IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have same sedan. It gives me decent mileage and comfortable interior space for Four passenger.

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