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User Reviews of Honda Civic 1.8 V MT (4)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

By Dilip

Wow, what an adoring beauty

Pros : Amazing looks, classy design, good mileage and powerful engine

Cons :Unavailability of diesel variant and low seats makes entry and exit a bit difficult

I have been a lover of Honda cars from the very school days and always thought of buying a good high end Honda sedan and today after 15 years I am going to live my dream and buying lovely adoring Civic. A week before, I took test drive to explore the hidden aspects that Honda has incorporated.... [...]

Friday, February 10, 2012

By Brajamohan

A sedan with a sports car soul

Pros : Amazing looks, good fuel efficiency, spacious interiors, Hi quality and performance and driver centric car

Cons :Blind spots, high price and low floored hits the ground on every steep speed braker

Honda Civic, an adoring marvelous piece of ultra modern technology is my ride for the last 2 years. It’s like a privatized version of a sports car and if feel like driving a Ferrari or McLaren while driving it. Civic is Honda’s best selling product across the globe and Honda takes.... [...]

Friday, December 30, 2011

By Rahul

A wonderful sedan cum sports car

Pros : Amazing looks simply stunning, good fuel efficiency, a high end driving experience and a very easy to drive vehicle

Cons :Huge price, blind spots and very low floor touches the ground at every steep speed braker

I have been driving Honda’s Civic, a sedan cum sports car, for the last 2 years and am very satisfied with the overall performance of the vehicle. Its great looks excites everybody and once I enter inside and take steering in hand it makes me feel like I am Michael Schumacher and I have my.... [...]

Thursday, November 24, 2011

By Jagadish

Honda Civic – Fascination guaranteed!!!

Pros : Bold and beautiful styling, nice fuel efficiency, very low turning radius, high ground clearance, powerful engine and very easy to drive

Cons :Aggressive pricing, blind spots and no significant changes for quite a long time

I am an architect and my job includes travelling long distances. I have been looking for a nice comfortable sedan and taking test drives for the last one month. Finally my search got over when I drove Honda’s Civic, a redefined definition of power, luxury, comfort, style and status all.... [...]

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