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Honda Civic 1.8 V MT Reviews


By Jagadish

Price: 9,03,800


Honda Civic – Fascination guaranteed!!!

Pros : Bold and beautiful styling, nice fuel efficiency, very low turning radius, high ground clearance, powerful engine and very easy to drive

Cons : Aggressive pricing, blind spots and no significant changes for quite a long time

I am an architect and my job includes travelling long distances. I have been looking for a nice comfortable sedan and taking test drives for the last one month. Finally my search got over when I drove Honda’s Civic, a redefined definition of power, luxury, comfort, style and status all compiled together in a single body. Honda cars are always been on top of beauty and they take great care in designing and looks however they have not amended Civic the way they are doing in US and our version is still available with the same specifications that it used to have 4 years back but if we look the US version it has been transformed into a complete new one. Still the quality Honda offers is best in class and tops in customer satisfaction in all the necessary characteristics.

Engine is very powerful and pickup is simply phenomenal. Car is very agile and quick at turns and runs like butter. I found it very easy to drive at speeds of 140 and 150. Interiors are very spacious and can easily accommodate 5 people comfortably. Boot space provided is one of the biggest and a/c is outstanding. Honda Civic is undoubtedly the best choice for me however the pricing is very aggressive but I still like to go for it taking the long term benefits and ease at driving factors into consideration.

Honda, a worldwide most reputed brand famous for building products of future and providing best in class products at reasonable prices and Civic can rightly be called a true portrait of what Honda incorporates and believes in. I am still wondering why they don’t have a diesel variant of Civic; it can do marvels in our economy of ever increasing fuel prices.

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