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Honda CR-V 4WD AT Reviews


By Raghav Dutta

Price: 9,03,800


Exterior of Honda CRV disappoints

Pros : Cruise Control, Real-time 4 Wheel Drive

Cons : Undesirable and older look


Hi friends! This is Raghav Dutta and I am from Gurgaon. There might be a number of people who like Honda CR-V 4WD AT, but my opinion about it is entirely different from others. To be genuine, I think Honda CR-V 4WD AT is not worth to buy as this car has an undesirable and older look. Besides that this car is not loaded with any remarkable features or any other specification for which I can remark favorably on it. Even its maintenance expense is much higher as compared to others. 
One more disadvantage is its fuel consumption. As we know Honda Cars are chosen for its excellence in power and unique design. But this time it was just a disappointment. During the test drive, I did not feel its interiors much comfortable as expected from a Honda Car. And the engine of Honda CR-V 4WD AT is quite similar to other Honda sedan, which do not make it different. Rests of the parts of Honda CR-V 4WD AT were the ordinary ones. According to me it’s worth buying any other sedan rather than sticking your nose to Honda CR-V 4WD AT.
So Honda CR-V 4WD AT definitely needs certain revision. First of all, Honda should work upon its pathetic mileage which is hardly around 8 kmpl. Secondly, the most important thing that needs to be revised is its exterior design which looks old-fashioned. Other than that Air Quality Control, Rain Sensing Wiper, Xenon Headlamps and Wheel Covers, few more features need to be added in the car. Honda should also concentrate to increase the quality standards rather than compromising on roomy interiors. In all, features of Honda CR-V 4WD AT are not that good as its cost, so certainly some more features are required to be furnished.

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