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Hyundai Accent LPG Executive Reviews


By Sunil

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai Accent is a good one!

Pros : Good looks, easy maintenance and comfortable and great mileage

Cons : Low ground clearance, rear boot space

HEY everybody! This is Sunil from Ranchi. I am a Hyundai accent LPG Executive user since last seven years. The car according to my experience is a good car. Not that I am completely satisfied by it and I love each and everything about it. Yes it does have some flaws. But overall the car is a nice one. I have been using two other cars as well and comparing my accent with my other cars I have a few positive and negative points about this car and would like to share them here with all the readers here.
The good things about the car are many. The first apparent quality is that the car has stunning looks. Its sporty look looks so stylish and trendy that it will always catch your attention when you see it on road. I have it in red colour and trust me it is very attractive. The interior of the car is also very trendy and attractive and at the same time are also very spacious and comfortable. The maintenance of the car is also very easy and affordable. I haven’t encountered any problem with its maintenance and service and also in getting its spare parts. It is an easy to maintain car. The best thing about the car is that even after using the car for seven long years the car is giving an excellent mileage.
The areas it needs to improve are the its low ground clearance especially in the front bumper area and rear boot space. Overall the car is a good car and I am quite satisfied by it.

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Friday, August 10, 2012


Hyundai Accent is pretty good car. As one of my friend is having the same. And I also have experienced the ride that was totally smooth and comfortable.

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