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Hyundai Eon D-Lite Plus Reviews


By Lucky

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai Eon fits my needs!!

Pros : Decent performance and nice looks

Cons : Lesser legroom and compact interiors

I had been trying to convince my father to buy me a small size car for a longer time. With the commencement of the final year at college, he finally asked me get a test drive of the Eon. It worked out quite well for me as I took it from a standalone point of view. At first my father was looking forward to buy me the base model i.e. D- Lite but looking at minute aspects that could add a bit more to my first drive, he decided to stretch the budget a little in order to buy the D- Lite plus having the advantages of power steering and AC over the base one.

The exteriors of the Hyundai Eon D- Lite Plus are trendy and sporty, however this is not the case with the interiors of the car that are okay if a talk about two people sitting at the front but when you have friends at the back, the interiors seem rigid and compact as if the walls are coming right at you. It becomes a mess and you simply cannot even think of taking in five people. It is strictly a four seater; however it does not trouble me much.

It takes low fuel intake and is very economical for a student like me. The AC is effective, power steering has an excellent grip and the braking is superior too. The engine might be a low power but it is fair enough with the price of the car and the fuel efficiency it offers. Overall, Hyundai Eon’s D- Lite plus proved out to be a nice choice for me and I am very satisfied with the same being my first car.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Overall,I am saying of Hyundai Eon.It is a affordable for middle-Class family.



Friday, May 18, 2012


In small car Hyundai Eon is best with its stylish looks and interior features.

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