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Hyundai Eon D-Lite Reviews


By Harjeet Singh

Price: 9,03,800


Confusing, buy Eon small car or expensive Micra?

Pros : Eon is cheaper in price, low in maintenance, fuel efficient and sporty in looks

Cons : Lacks good comforts, four seater and lesser features

The launch of Hyundai Eon has put me in dilemma and I am totally confused amongst two different segment cars. Earlier, I thought of buying Nissan Micra, but the launch of Hyundai Eon at ultra low cost price has changed my preference. No doubt, the Micra being a giant hatchback is blessed with all the fabulous comforts and features, but compared to Eon it lacks good fuel efficiency. Moreover, for any buyer maintenance seems to be a concerning factor, but the cost of Nissan Micra maintenance & spare parts is too high compared to the Eon.

Hyundai Eon delivers mileage of 17 – 21 kmpl, whereas, Micra has got mileage of 14 – 18 kmpl. But yes, Micra has got more features than Eon like Rear Power Windows, ABS with EBD, Driver & Co-driver Airbags, Automatic Climate Control etc. There is a big difference in price of both these cars. Eon is available in the price of Rs. 4.2 lakhs, while the Micra cost you more than 6 lakhs. Though, the looks of Nissan Micra are attractive, but Eon too is one the gorgeous babes available at low budget.

I have read reviews about Eon and Micra, but many of the Eon possessors have complained about the improper functioning or under performance of AC. I recently test drove Nissan Micra at one of the nearby outlets and the drive was fabulous, but the Nissan sales person gave a diplomatic answer when I asked about the maintenance of this car. I have scheduled Eon’s test drive for tomorrow and then I would actually be able judge the first preference.

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Monday, November 26, 2012


Comfort is the main priority when one wants to buy a car. The Hyundai Eon certainly does not fit in this criteria. It is possibly the most uncomfortable car there is. Really bad suspension & highly cramped interiors.

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