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Hyundai Eon D-Lite Reviews


By Praveen

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai Eon fails to impress by performance

Pros : Sports car like exterior look, affordable price

Cons : Lags in performance, inadequate space

There was so much hype for Hyundai Eon and when it finally launched, its poor performance couldn’t be overlooked despite of its impressive sporty look and extremely affordable price tag. One of my close friends owes the D Lite variant of Hyundai Eon. He was tight on his budget and also succumbed to the hype. Result, he now owes it and is very disappointed. I have also driven his car and double his opinion.

When I went on a ride, I liked the way it zoomed, zapped and turned. It has a very sporty feel in that aspect but it fails to satisfy the owner in terms of long term performance. Its engine is poor, even against a Maruti Alto. I think the new Maruti Alto is a better car, performance wise.

No discounts were offered by the dealers on Eon and it sold totally on the grounds of the hype that was created about it. It doesn’t deliver good fuel economy. Its engine lacks power. It does not have ample space. Can’t accommodate 5 people comfortably and has inadequate boot space also.

Friends, you should opt for Maruti Alto at 40 k less price. That is definitely a better option and comes with Maruti’s reliability.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012


the author comments on the lack of space forgetting that it has one of the best boot space in its class. you should not compare cars of different category together. i own a era plus model for 4 months now, giving an avg. of 18 km/ltr with air con.

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