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Hyundai Eon Era Plus LPG Reviews


By Archana

Price: 9,03,800


Small but magnificent Hyundai Eon

Pros : Exotic appearance and good features

Cons : Less powerful engine

Hyundai Eon was highly anticipated months before it was officially launched. People and the auto market stakeholders were all waiting for this car to come out. This was being hailed as the competitor to Maruti Alto. And everyone who believed that was totally right in his/her perception. This car truly is a masterpiece from Hyundai, and it has stolen the limelight from every other small. Maruti Alto finally has a competitor, and it is way better than the old fashioned Maruti Alto. The days of Maruti Alto seem to be over, as Hyundai Eon seeks to steal the huge market for low priced small cars.

It has been designed keeping in mind the city people’s choice. It has bold and sporty looks- the bodylines are excellent, the headlamps and tail lamps are beautiful, and the colors available are equally attractive and stylish. Even I am planning to buy an Eon by this march. I hope that it will result as a better car than Maruti Alto.

I had a glance of Hyundai Eon at a nearby outlet and I feel that the interior of Hyundai Eon is as good as the exterior. After getting in, you’d never realize that it is small and really cheap car. The dashboard looks pretty nice, and has all the features in one place. The leg and head room available for passengers on the rear is ample. The steering wheel is same as Hyundai i20’s, and it looks cool.

I am slightly confused whether to go for the petrol variant of the available LPG variant of this car as I would be mostly driving in city. I have a perception that at a price of 4 lakhs, Hyundai Eon Era Plus LPG can be a suitable variant for me. Overall I can say that Hyundai Eon is a car meant for nuclear families and I would be proud to buy this car in this march.

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