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Hyundai Eon Sportz Reviews


By Eshaan

Price: 9,03,800


My biggest mistake: Hyundai Eon

Pros : Looks, Price

Cons : Poor mileage, under powered engine

ou all know that Hyundai Eon –Sportz has an 814cc, 0.8L petrol engine. I also knew this but went on purchasing this car on December 5, 2011.

There were two reasons for making this decision. First, I really liked the way Hyundai Eon looked. And there is no doubt that this car looks fabulous and has a great design. Second reason was my budget constraints. I have started job recently and my savings weren’t enough to give me the freedom to choose a car expensive than this one. The new Maruti Alto was not at all on my mind because I am not fond of the way this car looks.

Three months have passed since I purchased the car and now I am feeling very disappointed. Though, its initial cost was low, it has now become a money spending machine for me. The massive hike in petrol prices isn’t hidden and my Eon Sportz gives a mileage of around 13kmpl in the city and even lower 12kmpl with AC. These figures agonizes me a lot. I keep the tyre pressure proper and also drive it in proper gears but all this hasn’t helped me.

 I asked a few people who know the technical “know-how” of cars and they said that the engine of the car isn’t powerful enough. That is why; I also face problems of constant gear-shaking while driving. The good interiors, enough leg, rear and boot space of Hyundai eon is just superficial things.

I am really unhappy to have bought this car. I wish that I had given some more thought before taking the decision to buy it. To all those who wish to buy this over-rated and much hyped car, please don’t. You will regret. Instead go for Santro/Alto.

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