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Hyundai i10 Asta AT WS GLS Reviews


By Prakash

Price: 9,03,800


Riding problem free in Hyundai i10

Pros : energetic to drive, presence of sunroof, highly luxurious

Cons : none

I have a Hyundai i10 Asta AT WS GLS and I am really very happy with it. I had always been a big fan of Hyundai cars as they provide a certain pep and energy in its overall feel. I had purchased this particular car which I am driving these days because it was the newest edition of the i10 family. I liked the i10 series right from the start and found it very impressive with its sporty feeling in the car and especially in its driving. As I have said earlier the driving of this car gives a peppy and energetic feeling, and the moment I start driving it I really feel as if I am driving a sports car, as the car feels very powerful in its driving feel.

The car is an almost a complete all rounder in all of its aspects; be it the exteriors, interiors, performance or handling. The car has a very stylish outer body with a very sporty feel to it with those extra curves in its body and the stylish headlamps or taillights. The outer body of this car has no significant changes to it as compared to the older variant of this car. The outer body of this car is as funky and groovy as the older version of this car. The interiors of this car give the feeling like driving or riding in luxury car to it. The car has been fitted with a very powerful Air conditioning system and the best part is that the air condition of this car is fitted with a very efficient heating system as well. The car is also blessed with a sunroof which really enhances the luxury feeling of this car.

The car, as I had said earlier has a very luxurious feeling to it at the time of need and it is increased more by the presence of a sunroof, it is a feature which is normally seen in the high end luxury cars. The performance is the special reason of me liking this particular car. This car has a powerful kappa engine which has been special and exclusive only to the Hyundai cars. This particular engine of this car enables this vehicle to give a powerful performance with a very good mileage. The handling of this car is very good and it is enhanced more by the power 3 spoke steering wheel this car has. Safety of this car and its passengers are also taken special care of. The car has anti lock braking system and disc brakes in the front wheels give this car a very effective braking system. There is another thing which I would like to mention about the interiors of this car and that is the car has been fitted with the top end quality of plastic which really increases the luxury feeling of this car.

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