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Hyundai i10 D-Lite Reviews


By Aayushi

Price: 9,03,800



Pros : Appearance, cheap and Handy.

Cons : Lacks Diesel option, not that Spacious and Comfortable, Poor Average.

I am a HYUNDAI i10 D-lite owner. I bought it in may 2011 for the sole purpose of my family's comfort. I am from a middle class family so had to buy the car on installments. Its affordable price and cool and cute look made me feel its the perfect car for my small family. But to my dissappointment i found that all the pains i had taken to buy this car from arranging the down payment to paying the installments every month from my limited salary were in VAIN.

AVERAGE: No doubt the car comes in an affordable range but it is not at all an intellegent deal for a middle-class person like me. the car gives a poor average of 10-11 kmpl with AC on. With the INCREASING PETROL PRICE HIKE day by day it is very difficult to maintain a petrol car with such poor average. travelling to another city with this average is something not advisable.

COMFORT: Apart from the average the car also LACKS COMFORT AND IS NOT VERY SPACIOUS. If you are thinking of travelling a long distance with family then average must not be the ONLY reason for your second thought. The uncomfortable seats and lack of appropriate space makes it a nightmare to travel a long distance with family.

ACCESSORIRS: Along with the average and comfort i am also not very satisfied with the accessories of the car. The STEREO of the car has got been repaired once after the purchase and the AC if on for more than an hour starts giving a certain type of odour. I also feel the lack of POWER STEARING.

OVERALL REVIEW: To sum up i am not at all satisfied by the performance of i10 D-lite and regret my decission to buy the car. only the look of the car is an eye candy but performance-wise it is a big dissappointment.

SUGGESTION: I would only suggest to all the people to think twice before buying a car because sometimes AN AFFORDABLE CAR DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN AFFORDABLE MAINTAINENCE !!


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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hi Ayaushi... I am totally agreed with your review. I am also planning to buy a car within the range of 5 Lakh. Many people suggested me Hyundai i10 and Wagon R. As I have consulted owner of both the 2 cars and found that the milage of the two cars are really low. My uncle has got Wagon R which delivers just 14 kmpl on a highway. So I have decided not to buy petrol car and going for Chevrolet Beat Diesel.



Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi, I am planning to buy the New I10 Era, But I have hard from owner of I10 car that the milage of this car is very low within the city, So, I have change my planning and already I have booked the Ford Figo which are far beter from HyundaiI10 from my point of view. I just request to every body you should think more than twise before purchase your dream car.



Friday, July 6, 2012


Hyundai i10 gives great mileage..


Ronak Jain

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hyundai i10 has classy looks..



Monday, August 20, 2012


Hyundai i10 performance is best in its class. it is my choice

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