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Hyundai i10 Era Reviews


By Manav Vasistha

Price: 9,03,800


Catch the i

Pros : Value for money, great design, smooth drive, powerful and fuel efficient engine

Cons : Non adjustable headrests.


I was very happy to have convinced my dad for buying me an i10. I had had the test drive for a long time and since then I was just working on to convince him to buy me the car rather than Santro or A-Star. It’s been a month or so that I have owned the car and believe me it’s a pleasure driving it. The car is a wonder on wheels and I am in love with it completely. Here’s a quick glance on its features, I hope it will be useful for you.
The Car looks extremely elegant. The front is curvy and sleek while the back is equally trendy and sporty. The headlamps in the front are quite stylish and also the grille is uniquely designed. The rear portion of the car gives an impressive look. I10 is truly eye catching with its scintillating design and structure. 
The car has sedan like interiors with features like well equipped music system in the front dash panel and well positioned steering and AC vents that add to the style and comfort ability of the car. The car has nice big seats and is spacious at the back with larger leg space than other cars in the segment. The display and accessibility features of the speedometer and the gauges are quite impressive. Doors are heavy and appropriately designed with rubber insulation. The head rests are pretty comfortable and the car has room for five people easily. The only point that is somewhat negative is the seat fabric that is vulnerable but doesn’t matter much when you look at other features of the car which are very satisfying.
The Power packed Kappa Engine is not only mighty powerful but also noiseless and gives more improved performance and mileage.
The Engine as mentioned is very powerful and also very fuel efficient. I easily get a mileage around 15 within the city and to check out more I am planning to test the highways as well. The Steering is very responsive and easy to control. The grip of the tyres equally matches with the mass and is very firm on the turns even when I am at a high speed. The AC is very effective and I very much appreciate the way Hyundai has paneled the music console and other things onto the dash. The only problem I am facing is with the non adjustable head rests but who cares, the car is excellent. The gears are smooth and clutch is very sensitive. Also i10 has a firm suspension and its tubeless tyres give me immense comfort and leisure driving it through the city lanes.
I am completely satisfied by the car’s performance and I would highly recommend everyone to look for it if interested in the segment. Hyundai i10 is totally value for money. I would say the same as Shahrukh, ‘Catch the I’.

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