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Hyundai i10 Era Reviews


By Nitin Kumar

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i10 proves to be a good deal

Pros : peppy drive, many comfort features, enough legroom

Cons : no diesel variant

Hello every one! I am Nitin from Kota. I have a business. We own a shop in the city that sells clothes for women. Apart from this shop I also have a stone mine just outside the city. Due to this I have to make a journey of 50 kilometers at least three times in a week. I got married three years ago and I have a young son of less than a year. After the birth of my son I had been looking for a chance to buy a car for my family.

And about three months back I achieved my goal. I purchased a Hyundai i10 Era. The company Hyundai had been impressing me right from its launch in India with their car Santro. Santro became an instant success amongst the middle class families. I still remember talking about the peppy feel you got while driving that car. At that time I had decided that if I purchased a compact car it will be from this company only. This company had been making a lasting impression on my heart with every product it launched in the Indian car market. As I had earlier said that I loved the peppy feel the Hyundai cars gave while driving.

Hyundai is now the second largest car company in India. And it had launched i10 a couple of years ago. Right from the start this car had been doing great business and has been successful in taking over a million hearts by a storm. The particular variant of this car which I own is no doubt much better than the Santro in every aspect, be it interiors or be it price. In all the possible ways this hatchback proves to be an ideal one for a small family like mine. According to me the price of this car is very reasonable and practical. Talking about the features let me start by praising the engine department.

It is a highly blessed engine with all the power and the pep I had been talking about till now. The power of the engine is about 1100 cc. The car is also blessed with a very smooth five speed manual transmission system. The transmission of the car also helps it in giving a remarkable mileage figure of around 13.7 to 17.9 km per litre of petrol. This particular variant is the top end version of the car and it comes stuffed with many impressive comfort features. The car comes with i-relax front seats, power windows for the front seat passengers, child lock, power electronic odometer and so on. In the info-tainment section, the car comes with an audio system with Aux-in with USB support and a two tone dashboard which gives the car a premium feel.

Even the exteriors done pretty well. I just wish the car came in diesel version.

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Friday, October 12, 2012


All these feature make the Hyundai i10 a perfect option for a hatch back for a small family.

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