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Hyundai i10 Magna Special Edition Reviews


By Pooja Rani

Price: 9,03,800


Answer to the safest ride lies with Hyundai I10

Pros : Phenomenal looks and handling is great

Cons : Low mileage

Hi friends, I am Pooja Rani planning to purchase my daughter’s first car. She likes Hyundai very much so I have planned to test all the three hatchbacks of Hyundai. I am personally a great admirer of the Hyundai’s I 10 magma, great styling, phenomenal looks, good mileage and safety features all together makes it a car of my dreams. This time my major concentration is on safety, my daughter is learning how to drive and amateur drivers are more likely to end up in accidents. Keeping this in mind I started a deep examination of my favorite car to give a head start to my final decision of purchasing I 10. Exteriors are awesome, front, rear and sides completely perfect as always now moving towards Interiors.

My major intension is to search for an ensured safety of my daughter and Hyundai has lot of features to keep me interested, I 10 includes features like anti lock breaking system, dual front airbags, reverse parking sensors and foldable keys with keyless entry, all these features ensures safety of the rider together with safety of the vehicle. I saw the Cherry colored Hyundai I 10 to my daughter and she get excited very much, she loved the interiors and when I spoke her about the safety features installed she liked it very much too. I knew that we share a common bonding and our preferences are alike. I asked company for the additional features and they said I can customize wheels and should go for the alloy wheels for extra ruggedness with broad tyres for extra grip, I accepted the offer to ensure safety of both.

Hyundai has always been a pioneer car manufacturer and I love their vehicles very much, adding Hyundai I 10 is like a dream come true. My daughter adores her new companion a lot; they both take care of each other like best buddies bonded forever, thanks Hyundai for such a nice car.

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