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Hyundai i10 Sportz GLS Reviews


By Rameshwaram

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i10, simply magnetic!

Pros : Stunning looks, awesome style and comfort

Cons : Lack of safety options

I recently bought the Sportz GLS model of the Hyundai i10; it has been a month or so that I find myself fairly satisfied buying the car. The Hyundai i10 has been famous for its looks and simple yet sophisticated design but what made me pull down and buy this car was its driving comfort. The power steering is a feather; it is as light and smooth as anything. The sensuous dash is very appealing and my friends compliment it all the time. The integrated audio system is something that was a necessity for me and for a music lover like me going on long distances without the soothingness is more than difficult. I am pleased by the negligible noise made by the engine. I can hardly feel it’s ignited while sitting inside the chamber, thanks to the excellent insulation.

The interiors have ample room for legs to comfortably survive through the highways without fatigue. The braking is highly effective and the suspensions are marvelous. The Hyundai i10 proved to be very economic for me while I measured it against the Alto that I owned previously. It gave a mileage of about 14 Kmpl in the city last month. The only problem I felt with the car was that this variant lacks safety measures and looking at the body of the car it seems weak and shaky which concerns me more while going narrow sometimes. Also there are no alloys with this variant which makes me a bit more awkward when I match it with the price that I spent. However there are plenty features to compensate and I am simply preparing to take it to a hill station this vacation. Let’s see how it comes out ultimately.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


can i know whether Cheverolet BEat lpg is Best Or Hundai I10 lpg

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