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Hyundai i10 Sportz Option Reviews


By Simmi

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i10 irritating mileage

Pros : Spacious, good looks, comfortable

Cons : Low mileage

Hi friends. My name is Simmi and I am from Hyderabad. Hyundai i10 was a car I really wanted to have. But last year my friend bought it and I waited that she should tell me her experience about the car. In starting months she always used to praise the car whenever I used to ask her about it. She used to tell me how much safe this car is for her. She had made no wrong choice by buying this can. She liked its comfort level and the other things about the car but one day when I asked her that is your car doing well? Then she had a long face in front of me. She told me about the expenses she does on the car and how much she is fed up with this.
Hyundai i10 Sportz is not at all the car she can maintain. It cost her lot due to its low fuel efficiency. Already the prices of petrol are reaching the sky and with these it is not at all possible for her to maintain the car and do loads of expenses on its fuel. The car delivers the mileage of 13 kmpl on city roads and 17 kmpl on highways. This is not at all good enough. Being a girl her most of the usage of the car is inside the city and with 13 kmpl mileage it is not easy to manage your monthly expenses. She says that she would be glad to have some diesel car. And if i10 would have come in diesel version she would definitely go for it. Listening to her and seeing her experience I will definitely not go for it and will make up my mind for some diesel car in my budget.

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