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User Reviews of Hyundai i20 Diesel Era (3)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

By Shridhar

I wish i20 diesel Era was equipped with ABS

Pros : The modish fluidic design, spacious

Cons :Lack of rear power windows and ABS

I bought Hyundai i20 diesel era a month ago, the hatchback has amazing looks, and the new fluidic design makes it look even better. It has a powerful 1.4 litre, 1396cc diesel engine with a maximum power of 90PS and maximum torque of 22.4 kgm. I was sure that I wanted to buy a diesel powered car.... [...]

Monday, May 14, 2012

By Rahul

Hyundai i20 is a so-so car

Pros : diesel fuel efficiency, appearance, space

Cons :brakes, dragging power on hilly road

Friends, just wanna share experience of my new (3 month old) Hyundai i20 Era (Diesel). I am Rahul residing in Mumbai and i20 is my third car in last 6-7 years. Prior to purchasing Hyundai i20 I had Hyundai Santro and Toyota Innova. Santro is my lovely first car, while Innova we purchased couple.... [...]

Monday, May 14, 2012

By Harbinder

Great Car If Price Lessened

Pros : Shimmering top speed, high engine displacement, fuel efficiency and sophisticated interiors with huge in-room space

Cons :Basic features are very scanty, very high ownership cost

Waited for a long time ticking out the best car that I can have and finally ended on Hyundai i20 Diesel Era. A fabulous car with comforts and fuel economy as the prime subject, Hyundai i20 Diesel Era is 1396 cc hatchback the gives out good amount of power to attain a very high speed limits..... [...]

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