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Hyundai i20 Petrol Era Reviews


By John

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i20: A Perfect Car

Pros : In simple words a perfect car with not any specific drawback

Cons : Should work on increasing fuel efficiency

I think the main objective of writing a review of any product is to let others know about the features adorned in that specifci product and also make their aware regarding any demerits if there are any in that product. Well talking about Hyundai i20 in simple words I would like to say that it is a perfect car for everyone. Being a working women I was looking for a car which is smooth in driving and does not create any problem while driving. The main reason why I brought this car is that I am resident of Delhi and my office is located in crowded area, therefore I was looking for a car which can help in controlling its speed immediately as soon as I press its brakes. Because am a new driver and therefore drive with full precautions. And I was happy to see that i20 is enriched with disc brakes at both front and back side.
Another interesting thing about i20 is its interior space with sufficient boot space and spacious leg space 5 healthy people can easily be accommodated in car, in fact it was also one of the reason why I went for i20 because my family can be regarded as a family of healthy persons. Well moving towards the driving features the power steering proved to be a boon for me making my to turn my i20 is desired direction at an ease, apart from this all controls like bluetooth and audio controls are mounted on steering, they helped  me in not only receiving my calls while driving, but also helped in listening my favorite music according to my convenience. are mounted on steering made driving an easy going process for me.
One thing which pleased me more is gear shifting which is very smooth and user friendly and works on your directions. This is helpful in increasing fuel efficiency of car as the result of which am getting an average of 15 kms per litre, which is quite satisfactory for me going through the distance of my office to my home. In simple words I can say that i20 is in true sense a car which I had been looking for. However if it is made more fuel efficient it has potential of dominating Indian car market.

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